Sea buckthorn oil - skin renewal oil

Sea buckthorn oil - skin renewal oil

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Sea buckthorn oil contains omega fatty acids and vitamins that give it the power to moisturize and regenerate skin tissue, making it great for many common skin conditions including eczema, sun damage, and psoriasis.


Great for brightening the skin and evening out any pigmentation or age spots

Sea Buckthorn contains over 20 minerals and 60 antioxidants, 3 times more Vitamin A than Carrots and a potent amount of Vitamin E too

The complex lipids found in sea buckthorn oil are able to moisturize and soften the epidermis, improve skin elasticity, reduce inflammation, and accelerate skin regeneration and cell renewal.


50 grams -R150

100 grams -R290

250 grams -R580

500 grams - R1000

1 kg - R1900