Body scrub base

Body scrub base

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Our new natural scrub base is a versatile medium for anhydrous scrub formulations. This is a specially designed cocktail of lipid ingredients to provide lubricious feel and skin conditioning, and reinforce the lipid layers on skin, perfect for aging or very dry skin. Our natural scrub base offers a great way to formulate a quick scrub by adding your favorite scent oils and/or scrubbing agent. This base is ready to go, no need for any additional oils, butters, or thickeners.

THIS IS A BASE - you can add your fragrance oils, colorants and the extracts of your choice. 


This scrub is designed to exfoliate dead skin cells and remove dirt
Holds and delivers significant water and oil-soluble ingredients such as vitamins, botanical extracts and other actives
Cleans, strengthens elasticity and moisturizes the skin. Coats, lubricates and seals moisture on dry skin prior to cleansing. Provides long-lasting moisture which helps reduce the appearance of cracked skin. Helps reduce appearance of chaffed skin
Imparts softness, suppleness and silkiness into the skin. Acts as protective barrier to replenish lipid into the skin.


You can add coffee grounds, Himalayan salt, green tea, activated charcoal or turmeric root powder to the scrub base.



Grapeseed oil / sunflower seed oil, Sea salt, Shea butter, vitamin e oil


2.5 kg - R500

5 kg - R950

10 kg - R1800

20 kg - R3500

25 kg - R4000