Glow oil base

Glow oil base

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We've created a botanical powerhouse formula of vitamin rich + antioxidant rich + skin loving ingredients. This beauty oil moisturizes the skin with the finest ingredients mother earth has to offer, leaving the skin with a healthy glow. 


* Antioxidant
* Anti-inflammatory properties
* Increases skin elasticity
* Evens out skin complexion
* Stimulates cells to help make skin
more firm,
* Improves blood circulation


Main Ingredients:

Rosehip Oil, Vitamin E oil, Grape seed oil, Turmeric oil, moringa extracts.

Clients can add a few drops of essential oils or infuse the oil with dried botanicals such as lavender or rose petals. 

500 ml - R280

1 liter - R550

2.5 liter - R1000

5 liter - R1600

10 liter - R3000 

20 liter - R5800

25 liter - R6250