Giga white powder - skin lightening powder

Giga white powder - skin lightening powder

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Gigawhite is a skin lightener/skin whitener derived from plant extracts and developed to be an effective active ingredient to lighten and even skin tone – effectively being the primary active ingredient in skin products that whiten, lighten and fade and remove the appearance of age spots and dark marks. 

  • Gigawhite has been tested and has proven to show effective results for skin whitening, it has no side effects. Gigawhite is a plant derived natural alternative to hydroquinone. 
  • Usage rate is 3% - 5%
  • Water soluble
  • Can be used in soaps, creams and lotions 
  • For the best results use with alpha arbutin, glutathione, and white licorice powder
  • For 1 kg cream base, use 30 -50 grams of giga white powder


    10 grams - R47

    25 grams - R95

    50 grams -R180

    100 grams -R360

    250 grams -R800

    500 grams - R1600

    1 kg - R3000